Academy The Astral Method

Mercedes Arnús Arraut

The Astral Method


Monthly support to connect with your life map and develop your potential alongside other souls who come to support you in your expansion. Mercedes will teach you to see the magic and power within you and how to use it with awareness and love.

Learn to be a channel of the stars.

Mercedes Arnús Arraut

Mercedes Arnús Arraut

The Astral Method


We will dive into the astrological transits applied to our charts, with the assistance of our oneiric world (DREAMS) as well as guided meditations; weaving our conscious and unconscious realms to live in UNITY with our MULTIDIMENSIONAL being.


Mercedes Arnús Arraut


The Astral Method Academy: Let Your Light Be Of Service To Others.

Join the network of Stars and expand your consciousness with us! Share your essence, your soul and your light with yourself and others who you’ll be able to help.

Understand Your Evolution By Diving Into Your Astral Chart.

Acquire the skills to predict personal and collective events. Discover how planetary movements influence your life and create your life through awareness, coherence and wisdom.

Meditations And Dream Analysis

We will unite the wisdom of the stars with our oneiric realm to use dreams as a guide for ourselves and other members of the course.

Union Of The Astral And Physical Plane

Symbiosis of the physical and etheric dimensions to navigate this timeline with the awareness of our multidimensionality. Therefore, we will master our intuition and our astral body.



What topics will be covered in the Academy?

Astrology 101

Choose your future with the knowledge of the planetary movements in a VERY practical way at The Astral Method Academy. In this academy you don’t study, you EXPERIENCE and CREATE in community, shining our light at the service of others.

Dream analysis

Discover the power of your dreams. Explore the connection between Astrology and the dream world for a deeper understanding of your unconscious and your physical reality on Earth.

Support and Assistance


Evolve with the guidance of Mercedes. She will accompany you and provide assistance along with the loving team in your personal situations or in your learning process whenever you need it. You have access to a 24/7 Forum and live classes to share in community.


Unlock your

True Potential


Open yourself to the world of stars and access the infinite knowledge of consciousness.



Some great Reviews?

Luis Govantes
Luis GovantesTruth Wisdom
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I had the most amazing reading with Mercedes today. She has incredible talent and skill in this field. I am so happy I did it and can't wait for the other reading I booked today.
Jerry Staley
Jerry StaleyAmazing Reading!
Read More
The astral chart reading I received from Mercedes was really deep and absolutely cut to the core! I realized that I previously had only a surface level understanding of my astral chart, and this reading expanded my awareness big time. Mercedes has incredible insight and depth, and I highly recommend her work!

Learn Astrology
with Mercedes

New classes every week, plus 1 or 2 live meetings a month to connect with Mercedes and ask for assistance in your learning process or in personalized support. You will receive invitations to your email with access to live classes via Zoom. All classes are recorded, and you will have access to them from the Academy platform to review at your own pace.

Student Forum

The academy also has a FORUM, where you can chat with other members, type in your questions, and Mercedes will answer them for you.


Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate plus special gifts as recognition of your accomplishment in astrology.

2 meetings per month

On the 2nd & 17th of each month At 6:00 pm Spanish time. We will meet on ZOOM to analyze the transits of the following month, and learn to predict our own events using the guidance of the stars as well as our own intuition.

Frequent Questions
The Astral Method Academy

What is the format of the online astrology courses?

Explore YOUR DEPTH with The Astral Method Academy's Unique Course Format. Access pre-recorded classes for a strong foundation, then apply and expand your knowledge in two live sessions per month for a dynamic learning experience.

Is prior knowledge of astrology required to enroll in the courses?

EXPERIENCE Astrology with Mercedes - No Prior Knowledge Needed. Immerse Yourself in Interactive Classes and expand your consciousness and the blessings in your life. The academy also has a FORUM, where you can chat with other members, type in your questions, and Mercedes will answer them for you.

What topics will be covered in the Academy?

This is a life program for you to share your uniqueness with the world. Mercedes is creating an Academy of members to help uplift the planet and share the knowledge and awareness to be spread in the world with KINDNESS & COMPASSION. Our academy covers monthly transits, dream analysis and meditations to turn you into your most powerful version.

Are the courses self-paced or led by an instructor?

Online astrology courses are led live by an instructor, Mercedes, with the assistance of Dream analysts, Therapists and Biodecoders. Pre-recorded classes are also available for self-paced review. All live classes will be recorded in the Academy.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the online astrology courses?

No money-back guarantee, but your payment includes access to materials and live sessions led by experts.


Join The Network Of Stars Today!

We will join our channels and visions to SEE future events beforehand and study them deeply so they can be shared to help others. The meetings are recorded in the Academy, where there will be content and therapists at your service to assist you through the month.

The Astral Method

3 Months

Quaterly Plan
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6 Months

Semester plan
$ 61
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1 year

Annual plan
$ 55
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