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Dear Wizzards, Welcome to this class where we will talk about December’s secrets and opportunities. Mercedes is traveling these days so she p...
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Dear Wizzards, November is the month when eclipse season closes up, and we will be working deeply in solidifying all the changes we have made in ou...
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Welcome to the month of October, a month of GREAT transformation. In this class, we will explore this magical month and work more deeply on both ec...
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December 2023
From September to November, we will be in the eclipse season, and these events are SPECTACULAR for us to take advantage of and become aware of all ...
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My dearest wizards! September has arrived! The month when eclipse season begins, and… eclipses dominated by VENUS!!!!!!! I’m SO excited...
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In this class, we will work with the New Moon in Leo energy, rituals for manifestation, and predictions for each sign.
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Dear Wizards, We are entering the eighth month of the year, which is very important as it is the month before September, when eclipse season begins...
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We will do a ritual for the new moon in Cancer (17th of July) and work on our intentions to use this exciting energy to manifest your dream home or...
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Astrology 101
In this class we will dive into the karmic cycles of Venus and its inflluences in our relationships and most important bonds in our lives. We will ...
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